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Tirupati graphite plc

Graphite mining project development in USA, India, Europe
Development Plan

Targeting 84,000 TPA Flake Graphite production facilities in operating Madagascar projects in the near term. In to reach 8% global Flake Graphite demand by 2030 estimated as 4,00,000 TPA capacity.

Graphite mining country

Madagascar is a mining-friendly jurisdiction producing graphite for over 100 years and is renowned for hosting some of the highest quality graphite deposits in the world. 

Senior team and experts in graphite mining industry

Over 150 years of collective team experience and expertise in every sphere of the industry including mining, processing, selling and technological development – from management to the ground.

 Graphite mining permit and license

Vatomina & Sahamamy projects spread across c. 33km2 are fully permitted and operational. Additional acquisitions are in process at Madagascar and Mozambique.

 Graphite production and operations

30,000 TPA installed capacity at Vatomina & Sahamamy projects is being enhanced to 84,000 TPA in stages.

Mining zones

Saprolitic deposit, free dig mining, shallow mineralisation with favourable product basket composed of more or less 30% Jumbo, 50% Large, and 20% small flakes.


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