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tirupati graphite plc

 Graphite mining permit and license
Permit status

Granted mining licenses covering 33km2 fully permitted for 40 years further renewable.

 Graphite production and operations
Operational status

All land acquisition completed, internal access roads and infrastructure in place first plant of 3,000 TPA installed production capacity. Phased development progressing.

Mining zones
Nature of deposit

High grade saprolitic deposit, free dig mining, shallow mineralisation, well delineated target mining zones, lowest quartile costs.

Process to retain large flakes
Process route

lean, modern processing coupled with a management team with demonstrated capabilities and processing know-how to ensure maximum retention of large flakes.

Distribution of jumbo flake, large flake, small flake
Product Basket

Production confirms 60% jumbo flake, 30% large flake and 10% small flake distribution leading to high basket price.

Senior team and experts in graphite mining industry

Senior team with over 100 years collective experience and expertise in every sphere of the industry including mining, processing, selling and technological development.

Micronized graphite
Downstream Graphite

1,200 TPA fire retardants plant established as precursor to 20,000 TPA of high purity graphite (>99.0%), expandable, spherical and micronized graphite integrated plant for high-tech applications.

Madagascar logistics
Madagascar Logistics

Projects favourably located adjacent to the national highway (NH2) and only 70 km away from Tamatave, which is the main deep water port servicing the country.

Graphite mining project development in USA, India, Europe
Development Plan

Staged development planned in modules with first 3,000 TPA unit established, producing and selling to customers in the USA, Europe, India and other Asian countries.

Graphite mining country

Madagascar is a mining friendly jurisdiction with an extensive history and renowned for hosting some of highest quality graphite in the world. India has strong heritage in graphite mining and processing being the second largest producer of graphite in the world offering TG access to cutting edge technologies and skilled labour.

Tirupati Graphite PLC is the benchmark in flake graphite industry worldwide being fully integrated from mine to graphene, with global multi-location resource and operation, setting up state of art facilities to make products for conventional and new applications, developing technologies and expertise through design, engineering, research and development.

We place a special emphasis on applications in green energy, energy storage, composites, graphene etc., securing the world’s needs of this critical material and maximising value for all connected. TG is developing four projects which will complete its basket of products from mine to graphene, all along the value chain.



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