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Corporate Documents
Proxy Form Template 0624 View
Notice of General Meeting 0624 View
Company Presentation Q3 2023 View
AGM Notice & documents FY23 View
TGPLC AR March 2023 View
Corporate PPT 0423 View
AGM Notice & Documents FY22 View
TGPlc AR March 22 View
Sustainability Report FY21 View
AGM Notice & Documents View
TGplc AR March 21 View
Prospectus View
Registration Document View
TGplc AR March 20 View
TGplc AR March 19 View
TGplc AR March 18  View
TGplc AGM 2020 Chairman's Letter & Notice View
AGM Notice & Documents
AGM Cover Letter Download
TGPLC Articles Final Download
Tirupati Graphite Notice Download
Tirupati Graphite Whitewash Circular Download
Tirupati Graphite Proxy Download
Tirupati GM Proxy Form October 2021 Download
Tirupati Graphite Shareholder Form Download