Flake graphite, its derivatives and graphene are ‘green’ materials:

Green Technologies Developed and Adopted in Madagascar:

Sand Production


Free Dig mining with zero blasting requirements – lean mining fleet and lower energy requirements.

Mining waste i.e., overburden is used for filling and levelling land in swampy areas and valleys, preparing land for habitation, farming etc for the locals.


Specialised equipment's developed for flake graphite processing – a lean process, lower energy and material handling requirements

A unique equipment SAGE designed and installed – 50% waste from ore obtained as by-product construction sand.

>85% Recovery, negligible dust generation.

Treatment of tailings established for reconditioning and reuse of process water, obtaining clay for social development activities.

Feasibility study completed for establishing hydroelectricity facilities for meeting operational energy requirements

Downstream Graphite Project India


NOTE: This project and related technologies are owned by TSG, the Company is working with TSG for developing on its downstream interests

Zero-Hydrofluoric Acid, Non-energy intensive unique green process developed for producing high purity graphite:
Existing Technologies TG’s Processing Technology
Hydro-Fluoric Acid Route Pyrometallurgy Route
  • Highly hazardous
  • Huge negative environmental impact
  • Detriment to human life
  • Hazardous waste
  • Massive energy requirements
  • Huge amount of carbon emissions
  • Environment-friendly process
  • Zero-waste generated
  • Zero hydrofluoric acid
  • Non-energy intensive