Flake Graphite MininG, MADAGASCAR

Madagascar flake graphite

Mining followed by basic milling and floatation

3000 TPA Plant Established: Flake Graphite mining & processing, shipping to customers globally. Developing to 81,000 TPA production capacity in stages over 4 years.

Product is high-quality Madagascar Graphite flakes concentrate up to 96% purity of different flake sizes:
The product basket constitutes 60% Jumbo, 30% large and 10% small flakes.

Supplied directly to applications like refractories and raw material for downstream processing


Specialty Graphite Project, India

fire retardant facility

Flake graphite concentrate is subjected to further processing for high purity, expandable, micronized and spherical graphite.

Precursor to Integrated Facility - Patalganga Project for 1200 TPA graphite based halogen-free fire retardants now producing and supplying.

Zero-hydrofluoric acid, the non-energy intensive environment-friendly process for high purity graphite developed and tested at pilot scale

The integrated facility shall cater to all hi-tech applications - Li-ion Batteries, flame retardants, lubrication and many more


Technology Centre, India

Producing the wonder material - Graphene, using flake graphite

Producing the wonder material - Graphene, using flake graphite - a unique process developed and established at kg scale.

Developing applications in various industries, like polymer composites, metal composites, electrodes, coatings etc.

Shall provide mineral technology consultancy to industries, an added revenue stream.

In delivering the vision for carbon footprint reduction, Tirupati Graphite is committed to caring for the environment and positively contributing to it within the operations of the business.