Directly employing >150 people

The projects of the company, though located well connected to external infrastructure, reflect the poverty of the people around it and provide an opportunity to improve the state of earning potential and quality of life of the people -around it. The company looks at this as an opportunity alongside developing world class projects contributing to the progress of the country and the deprived. At the outset, the company engaged with the local communities near its projects and developed a deep understanding of their needs. Accordingly, it carved its social care and engagement program “Shakuntalam” symbolising “motherhood” with defined objectives below:

Enhance Earnings : Direct/Indirect Employment Generation, Infrastructure, Accessibility
Catalyse education : Education and Sports
Improve Health : By various measures and training
Catalyse happiness : Engage with the community, act as per their needs
Employment Generation, Infrastructure and Accessibility:
  • With activities ongoing on the ground, we have been a source of new employment for the local population. Approximately 120 people have direct and regular employment and another 50-100 people are indirectly employed through the project. These activities have not only provided regular and quality livelihood to the local commune, but it has also led to the development of skill in various arenas like driving, drilling, other exploration activities, construction, welding, equipment fabrication, operation monitoring and control, testing and analysis, heavy equipment operations like excavators and many more. With the onset of the creation of a fabrication center at the project site, the opportunity for gaining skills in the sector shall further empower the local populace in their skill development. Over 95% of the employees in Madagascar are local people (including daily wage and payroll employees).

Road Access to Vatomina Local School

  • The company has built internal roads which have connected interior and remote villages to developed areas giving better access to schools, markets and improving the lifestyle of the villagers, improving the quality of life and created multiple revenue opportunities.
  • As the region is hilly, overburden extracted from mining which consists topsoil cover is being used for landfilling as fertile topsoil in barren and non-mineralized areas. This will promote horticulture and farming in the region and will further be provided to villagers for housing purpose. The company is developing an area for providing land for housing to its workers. The company also provides drinking water arrangements to nearby settlements.
Education and Sports:
  • Dilapidated Sahamamy School building replaced by a new school building constructed by the company with five classrooms, increasing the capacity massively. The connectivity to the school has improved with the development of the approach road by the company. It has made provision for drinking water availability.
  • Vatomina School located on a small hillock did not have an approach road at all. The company constructed a new all-weather road leading up to the school.
  • The company organized games on independence days each year, awarding lanterns, shirts, balls and small cups to the young people. It also organizes regular sports events in the local school promoting local sports and fitness among students as well as locals.
  • Stationary and other study materials have been provided to students. Regular distribution of healthy food in schools for improving the average health of children.

Sahamamy Local School Rebuilt

Stationery & Books Provided

Providing Sports Gears to Participants

Football Matches Organised

Health & Safety
  • A Health Centre has been built at Sahamamy and is well stocked with general medicines and manned by a qualified medical practitioner. The centre is open 24*7 and also arranges for transfer to hospitals. These facilities are provided to locals free of cost.
  • The company as a policy, ensures that health and safety measures are complied with at all its operations. It provides clothes, shoes, socks, helmets and other safety equipment for workers. Moreover, the company organises health and safety camps for educating and training the workers as well as locals to adopt and comply with these measures.

On-site Doctor

Health & Safety Training Camps

24X7 Clinics

Free Dispensary

Facilitated Certification of Land Rights for the Locals

Land Rights Certification

In the Vatomina project, the company commissioned a survey by a government authorised surveyor and formed a committee constituting members from the local community, company representatives and the mayor. A uniform methodology for land settlement was structured and executed. Further, the surface occupants devoid of official registration and recognition of their land rights were handheld and the formal issue of documentation catalysed bringing extensive happiness and smiles.

Engaging with Locals - Participation in local festivals and events

As a part of our efforts to improve the lives of the locals, the company also believes in engaging with the community deeply. It participates in the national festivals/ celebrations in Madagascar, for e.g., Independence Day parade and celebrations, Christmas and Diwali celebrations etc. and enjoys high repute and regards amongst the local people.

Participation in Local Events

Rehabilitation of workers:

Free Dig mining with zero blasting requirements – lean mining fleet and lower energy requirements.

The new area was developed and dwellings made for rehabilitating the workers staying close to the plant area. The larger capacities and better standards of living brought happiness amongst the employees and their families and further ensures safety.

Redevelopment of Local Marketplace

The company also rehabilitated the marketplace in collaboration with NGOs so that the locals have a proper area to sell their products.

Local Market developed

Multiple Revenue Generation Streams & Indirect Jobs Created