Social Programs and relationship with the community

Tirupati Graphite - Community Engagement Program

As a responsible corporate citizen, we are conscious of developing conducive relations with the local communities we are engaged with and positively contribute to the quality of life of the people around us. At the outset, before any step on the ground, we engaged with the local community, appraising them of the Company, the project possibility and understanding their concerns and expectations.

Land Settlement and Recording

For land settlement, a committee of 28 members was formed, representing prominent citizens from each village, members of the TG ground team, and the Mayor of the Region and a survey was conducted after which required lands were settled. The Company engaged with the land rights recording institutions for awarding formal land certificates to complete the legal procedures for recording of surface rights, an activity that has resulted in huge support from the community.


On the other side, with activities ongoing on the ground, we have been a source of new employment for the local population. Approximately 50 people have direct regular employment and a like number gaining secondary employment at the project. Apart from providing regular and quality livelihood, this also led to the development of skill in various arenas like driving, drilling, other exploration activities, construction and more.

Other initiatives

The company has carried out other community benefit activities to further engage with locals, improve their living standards and help them grow. The company organized games on independence days each year, awarding lanterns, shirts, balls and small cups to the young people. The company also rehabilitated the marketplace in collaboration with NGOs so that the locals have a proper area to sell their products.

Long term Community Engagement Program - Shakuntalam (symbolising motherhood)

The Company have been consciously aware of its social responsibility and believes in conducting business ethically as well as are sensitive towards the social, cultural, economic and environmental issues. Our Madagascan mines are located in an underdeveloped state having substantially poor living conditions of people with lacking infrastructure, poor or no healthcare facilities, no means of securing life necessities etc. The Company takes it as their social responsibility to improve the quality of lives of people surrounding the project area alongside the development of the Company. This has led to a stream of philanthropic activities wherein a Community Development Centre is to be set up at the project sites dedicatedly working on the following aspects on community development.

Social Community Program - Tirupati Graphite
  • Health and Hygiene Centre � Full-time primary doctor, care unit for emergency, medication, clean drinking water
  • Sports Development Centre - encourage and promote various sports in the surrounding area, Football & Volleyball grounds, a Badminton court, allied facilities of different indoor and outdoor games.
  • Catalysing Education - providing transport to schools, education inputs, study materials, improving school infrastructure
  • Vocational Training Centre - agriculture and horticulture training, dairy products development centre, artificial insemination for improvement of cattle breed, technical skill training

As we progress our relationship with the community, for improving their quality of life, we shall continuously be conscious interactively of the local needs and align our programs to meet them

Similar programs shall be developed for each of our projects tailored to the specific needs of the community we work in, to give back to the society by providing an opportunity for them to improve their lives.