sustainability - environment, social & value creation


Green Materials, Green Technologies & Green Applications


Enhance Earnings: Direct/Indirect Employment Generation, Infrastructure, Accessibility

Catalyse Education : Education and Sports

Improve Health : By various measures and training

Catalyse Happiness : Engage with the community, act as per their needs

Corporate Governance


The Board of the Company is led by Mr. Shishir Kumar Poddar who is the Executive Director and it further constitutes three Non-executive Directors. It is the Board's policy to maintain independence by having at least half of the Board comprising independent Non-Executive Directors who are free from any material business or other relationship with the Group. 

  • Audit
  • Remuneration
  • Nominations
  • Policies

XERO - The company has adopted Xero across all its subsidiaries, an ASU listed technology company providing a cloud-based accounting software platform.

GRID BY PRAGYAAM - Through the team's decades of experience in operating graphite mining and processing operations, the Company recognised the supreme importance of having a strong MIS system