Our Investment case in global graphite market

High quality graphite deposits

Quality of Asset

High Quality, World-Class, Long Life Deposits
Graphite value chain

Exclusive fully Integrated company across the entire graphite value chain

Primary, Downstream and Graphene
Producer of flake graphite

A flake graphite Producer as well as downstream products

Already cash flow generating
Global graphite market price and economics

Exceptional economics

Low CAPEX and OPEX and high margin business
High growth in global graphite markets

Booming Sector

Multiple High Growth Consuming Markets
Non risky mining projects

Substantially de-risked projects

Investment in Asset, not in risk
Generating cashflow

Hybrid growth concept and upside potential

modular expansions and staged development, generating early cashflows - rewarding shareholders
Proven expertise in graphite and graphene mining

Proven expertise in all spheres of the business



High grade, 60% Jumbo and 30% large flake high grade deposits contained in 33 km2 mining permit area. Fully permitted for 40 years and further renewable. All permits granted, land acquisitions completed.

State of art value add downstream graphite facility.


Now producing and selling 3000 TPA flake graphite in Madagascar and 1200 TPA graphite based flame retardants in India


Staged Development with modular expansion of capacities - reducing risks, proving execution capability. Integrated across the entire value chain of graphite. 81,000 TPA flake graphite and 20,000 TPA specialty graphite.


Saprolitic weathered ore leading to free dig mining, lean processing. Low waste to ore stripping ratio.


Feasibility studies for all projects completed.

Flake Graphite: Process technology established in the 1st module. Process successfully separating raw material into graphite, sand and clay. 85%+ recovery with high purity graphite produced. Jumbo and super jumbo flakes retention established.

Downstream Graphite: Fire Retardants plant now selling to consumers. Equipment designs completed, processes tested. High purity, expandable and micronized graphite samples tested. Team constitutes experienced leaders from the industry. Graphene samples tested for exceptional results.


Flake graphite consumption projected to more than double over the next 5-6 years. Production confirms 60% Jumbo, 30% large and 10% small flakes defining a higher basket price. Downstream products to further add to the value as price ranges from USD 3000-7000 per ton.


An unparalleled leadership team with demonstrated capabilities in all facets of graphite mining, processing and selling to customers. Management and operations team constituting cumulative over 100 years of direct experience in the graphite industry.


Graphite Mining in Madagascar: TG is backed by support of government and locals. Stable, investment and mining friendly jurisdiction with historically known highest quality of graphite deposits.
Graphite and Graphene Manufacturer in India: Developing with second highest growth rate, India holds strong heritage in graphite mining and processing being world's second largest graphite producer and still a net importer of graphite.


Madagascar: Projects adjacent to the main national highway connecting to the main port Tamatave at a distance of 70 km only.
India: Well developed roads and ports. Location chosen on basis of infrastructure requirement in the adequate industrial belts.


Main processing equipment designed and manufactured in-house, lean process design, free dig mining, low cost jurisdictions for operations, experienced team all lead to very low CAPEX and OPEX producer.

Value Chain

Flake graphite concentrate


Product is flake graphite concentrate, up to 96% purity of different flake sizes

Mining followed by basic milling and floatation

Supplied directly to applications or raw material for downstream processing

Flake graphite further processing for expandable graphite, micronized & spherical


Flake graphite concentrate is subjected to further processing for high purity, expandable, micronized & spherical graphite

The wonder material - Graphene


The wonder material - Graphene

A single layer of flake graphite

Can be made using flake graphite

Multiple applications being developed & researched

TG is integrated in the complete value chain.

Corporate News and Documents

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Media and Industry News

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