Applications of Graphite & its Various properties

Flake Graphite, an allotrope of carbon, is a critical resource that is used in over 150 applications in diverse industries and consumer goods.

Flake graphite constitutes a unique set of properties, accredited to its molecular structure, making it an essential material for multiple applications:

A crystalline form of Carbon
A solid state lubricant
Once intercalated expands many-fold at onset temperature
Only non-metallic conductor
Flake graphite can sustain temperature greater than 3000 degree celsius
Sustains temperatures of >3000*c
Graphene an atom layer of flake graphite
Graphene is an atom layer of flake graphite

 With over 150 different applications flake graphite is classified as a critical resource
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Structure and Properties

Given these molecular characteristics, flake graphite is a material with a unique set of properties, making it the preferred and mostly non-replaceable choice in various industries, products and applications. Though it is non-metal, it has the unique properties of both metal and non-metal.

Being a novel material with this exclusive microstructure, flake graphite exhibits the following properties:

  • A solid-state, high-temperature dry lubricant
  • The only high-performance non-metallic conductor
  • A reflector as a single particle
 Flake graphite molecular structure

Applications and uses of graphite

Graphite Markets

                                                                             Different types and sizes of flake graphite and its demands in the global market