Tirupati Graphene and Mintech Research Center

The Tiruapti Graphene and Mintech Research Center is a unit of Tirupati Specialty Graphite. It is being developed in Bhubaneswar, India, with the aim of producing graphene, developing its applications and giving the company its technological backbone. A detailed feasibility study has been completed for the project and land is being acquired. The company has a team of experts specializing in this field. The center has multiple arms of which GRACE and MINMET are the major ones. The center is designed to be self-sufficient and also carry out research for graphite and graphene based applications and products.

Center of excellence for graphene and specialty graphite research and production


Developing unconventional, cost effective and sustainable mineral processing technology starting from exploration to production

  • Technology to utilize lean and low grade mineral economically
  • Industry focused scheme with ongoing skill development
  • Excellence in process evaluation, assessment and optimization of implementation of research results in industry.


A center of excellence for graphene and specialty graphite research, production

  • Application based research for graphite and graphene to new age composites - applications development
  • Low cost manufacture of high quality reduced graphene oxide (RGO) and graphene oxide (GO) from natural graphite - 10 kg/day of graphene
  • Materials for improved batteries and energy storage devices in coordination with industry
  • Excelling in intercalated expandable graphite and its application
  • Technology backbone for products of graphite and graphene - foils, conductive polymers, capacitors, space and aviation industry etc., meeting all customer requirements.