Sahamamy Project - Flake Graphite Mining Project

Flake Graphite Mining - Sahamamy Project
  • Acquired January 2018
  • Additional resource, early cash flows and an in-country team.
  • Located at 8 km aerial distance from Vatomina
  • 8 km2 mining permits for 40 years.
  • Progressing to 21,000 TPA capacity in 2 phases.
  • Plant 1 of 3000 TPA is now completed, producing and supplying.
  • Product circulated in markets.
  • Maiden and Interim JORC CPR Resource Oct 2018 – detailed exploration and drilling to follow:
    • Indicated – 02.9M Tons @ 5.5% GC
    • Inferred – 10.7M Tons @ 5.5% GC
    • Potential – 15.1M Tons @ 5.0% GC
Current Operations
  • Historical processing plant was tweaked to increase production, optimized to cash flow and then closed after starting production from the rebuild of this into a modern plant of 3000 TPA production.
  • 3000 TPA plant now producing flake graphite and supplying to multiple customers around the globe.
  • Mining continues with a mine development plan in place
  • Environment authorization for next stage capacity creation under process.

Key Developments

Producing High Quality Graphene - Sahamamy project
Project Infrastructure development
  • Infrastructural improvements made, approach road, 8 km long
  • Engineering center established
  • Base camp, drainage, hydro power rehabilitation and many more progressing by the day.
Project’s Phase 1 Completed
  • First set of Mining equipment deployed.
  • Processing and lab equipment also reached, commissioned and in use now.
  • Engineering center commissioned
  • Power arrangements strengthened.
Lab & Quality Control:
  • Tirupati proven quality systems implemented
  • New Lab instruments and standardized testing procedures commissioned.
  • Product marketed in various applications for various applications.
  • Graphene produced from these samples displayed exceptional quality