Vatomina Project - For flake graphite mining and processing project

Vatomina graphite mining project

The project was acquired from TCCPL in May 2017 along with the team, technology, project plans and brand values. It has a 25 km2 permit area with mining permits issued for 40 years and renewable. It is being developed to a total production capacity of 60,000 TPA in modules (3X18000) by 2021. The first module of 6000 TPA is under development and shall start supplying by Q2 2019.

The company has carried out multiple activities for development of the project:

  • Drilling of 65 holes completed at an operating cost of c. $25/m
  • JORC CPR to be released in Q2 2019
  • Exploratory mining and metallurgical tests completed.
  • Resource upside potential on both lateral and vertical axis

Metallurgical Tests and Processing:

Graphite Mining Process - Metallurgical Tests
  • Tirupati inherited technology, designs and plans for its projects.
  • Further metallurgical and characterisation studies were performed and completed by acclaimed research institute on bulk samples:
    • A lean process with higher purification, flake size retention and more productivity was developed
    • The process achieved up to 96% purity, with 96% carbon recovery from samples.
    • Samples were tested for numerous applications, depicted high industrial prospects, including high purity, expandable graphite, spherical graphite and graphene
    • Modular plant design of 18000 TPA developed for both projects

Key Developments

Vatomina graphite mining project infrastructure development
Project Infrastructure development
  • Internal roads about 20 km & bridges built
  • Campsite for 20 management team powered by solar energy
  • In country headquarters in Antananarivo Office allocated at Mining Business Centre in Antananarivo by Ministry of Mines, Madagascar
  • Plant 1 construction ongoing, production shall begin as scheduled.
  • Engineering center under construction Q2 2019
Procurement of Equipment
  • First set of earth work equipment –Dump trucks, backhoe deployed
  • Manufacturing plant 1 equipment including SAGE, crushers, dryers, floatation cells, ball mills under completion
Team Building, Generating Employment, Engaging Community
  • Engineers, Geoscientists and project top management working on ground
  • Land acquisitions completed, villagers happily engaging in community welfare practices