We adopt the best possible graphite mining process & operations

Graphite mining precautionary measures for safety and health

Tirupati Graphite is committed to operating in an ethical manner that prioritises health and safety, preserve the natural environment and communities and recognises employee aspirations. Precautionary measures for safety and health are performed and installed in all projects.

In delivering the vision for carbon footprint reduction, Tirupati Graphite is committed to caring for the environment and positively contributing to it within the operations of the business.

The company connects and improves the quality of life of the communities they associate with and provide opportunities to the employees to meet their personal and professional aspirations. Tirupati graphite ensures that all employees are trained and instructed in their assigned tasks and that safety procedures are followed at all times. This is achieved through maintaining the highest degree of aesthetics, health and hygiene in the operations.

Tirupati believes in sustainable operations with minimum CAPEX and OPEX which is achieved by having a conscious expenditure approach for e.g., the company bought a drilling rig and trained a team for the same which reduced the drilling costs massively compared to that of hiring a rig plus gives other additional advantages.

Tirupati Graphite cares for every resource to improve productivity and longevity, and the company is strongly committed to developing technological resources and skills to ensure environmentally friendly operations.